Top Reasons for Choosing Bariatric Medical Bed

The word bariatric has become a familiar term for almost everyone today. The origin of the term bariatric was derived from two Greek words to mean weight treatment.

Preventing and treating obesity is not modern science. It was in 1965 when the medical field focused on preventing and treating obesity started. Today, therapies for health and fitness have made bariatric a part of exercise, behaviour, and diet.

The alarming increase in obesity has made medical practitioners look for the best solutions. Some of the solutions take the form of medical equipment. One such medical piece of equipment that meets the special needs of overweight patients is the bariatric medical bed.

The developments that a bariatric medical bed is focused on include:

  • Support productive recovery
  • Lessen the risk of infection and injury
  • Support a healthier lifestyle for long-term care patients

The challenges faced by bariatric medicine


Obesity is the sole focus of the branch of medicine called bariatrics. Obesity results in various conditions requiring patients to undergo long-term specialised care or hospitalisation.

The bed is the chief focus of the challenge of every medical facility when it concerns obese patients. A significant injury is likely to happen when an obese patient is forced to use a standard-sized hospital bed.

Standard hospital beds are not designed to carry heavy loads of 500 pounds. Transferring an obese patient safely from the bed to another surface is next to impossible from standard beds.

Another thing that can further compromise the health of obese patients is skin infections such as bedsores. The small size of standard beds compromises the mobility aspect of obese patients. Recovery can altogether halt or slow down with the degree of discomfort felt by the patient.


Multiple benefits of bariatric medical beds


Forcing an obese patient to use a standard-sized hospital bed is not only uncomfortable, but it’s also demeaning. Other than depriving obese patients of their comfort and dignity, moving them from one surface to another is tough and unsafe.

The multiple benefits that bariatric medical beds bring to the table include:

Bigger load capacity

Standard hospital beds are designed and made for normal-sized patients. Larger patients need a bed with a bigger load capacity. The specific design and durable understructure of bariatric beds allow them to carry heavy weights from 600 to 1000 pounds.

Easier movement

The features integrated into bariatric medical beds allow easier movement for both patients and caregivers. Some bed models include removable side bars or have full electrical controls. Others include specialised mattresses with air cushions that can be deflated or inflated, depending on the need.

Wider size

The wider size of bariatric medical beds allows patients to do independent tasks such as shifting to a comfortable position. No patient wants to stay totally dependent on caregivers. A modicum of freedom is granted by the bariatric beds to obese patients to help them acquire a comfortable position anytime and all the time.

Integrated manual control knobs or fully automated control

Patients can perform simple tasks such as getting in or out of bed with help from the integrated control systems in a bariatric medical bed. Lowering or raising the bed becomes a smooth process with the help of mechanical controls.

Providing the best care for obese patients can be a challenge for any health facility lacking the right kind of medical equipment. Modsel supply bariatric medical beds. Give their sales representative a call to get a quotation.



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