Top things to consider on your first tattoo

Deciding to have your first tattoo could be one of the exciting but terrifying moments in your life. A million questions are there on your mind.

For people living on the Gold Coast, probably the top two questions of anyone getting tattooed for the first time would be: What is the safest Gold Coast tattoo shop, and will it hurt too much?

Thinking long and hard about your first tattoo, Gold Coast is only right because of its permanency. While lasers are said to work wonders in removing bad tattoos, getting the right tattoo the first time is the goal.


Top Things to Consider for First-time Tattoos


The best way to make the first tattoo exciting and fun is to think about the following considerations:


The price depends on tattoo size and style

The tattoo size and style determine the price. It’s best to call a recommended tattoo shop to ask for the estimated cost before walking in. It is because many tattoo shops try to jack up the price when they know a tat first-timer. The best way not to get ripped off during the first tat is to research pricing or bring a friend to negotiate for you.


Bargain hunting should not be an option

The minimum prices of many tattoo parlours ranges between $50 and $100. A tiny tattoo should fall within the range of these prices. It’s a red flag if a tattoo parlour offers you a lower price than mentioned.

Investing in a tattoo should be worth time and money. It means that shoddy work should not be part of the equation on your first tattoo. Your health can also be compromised with infections brought on by shoddy work.

Getting tattooed during special holidays can help you get discounted prices for pre-drawn designs. This could be a good time to have inked when the budget is the thing that holds you back.


Tattoo ink can produce allergies

Allergies to tattoo ink are quite rare. However, it has happened to many people. Allergic reactions are often caused by aftercare products or an ingredient in the tattoo ink.

While allergic reactions to tattoo ink are uncommon, the best way to counter this is by ensuring that the chosen tattoo parlour follows health protocols. Yet, it has been seen that the cleaning and sterilising of the skin before the procedure is the thing that produces allergic reactions.

You should know your skin sensitivities before the procedure. Choosing a tattoo shop that practices clean and healthy protocols should also be a top consideration.


You are aged 18 and above

Getting inked only happens when you are aged 18 and above. If you can vote, you can get tattooed.


Visit the tattoo shop

The smartest way to check out the credentials of a tattoo shop is to visit them. You can check out the cleanliness and the certificates of the shop and their artists while you are there. Trust your gut feeling as soon as you walk in the door of a tattoo shop. Is it clean and sanitary? Do you feel comfortable with the environment of the shop? Do they clean their stations after every procedure? These are the things to look closely at while on a visit.


Getting inked is a commitment. It means that thinking long and hard should be part of the equation. Contact us at Black Market Tattoo Co in Gold Coast to know more about us.



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